Ember.js Resources

by Tom Dale

I come across a lot of really interesting links related to Ember.js, but often don’t have anywhere useful to put them, or don’t really know how to describe the thread that holds them all together. So here is my linkdump post, which I will update as I remember things, that contains useful stuff for Ember developers.

Ember.js Todos
Sample todo application. Particularly useful for its heavily-commented Assetfile. Great starting point if you’d like to know how to use Rake::Pipeline together with Ember.

SproutCore MVC vs. Rails MVC
Written back in the SproutCore 2.0 days, Greg Moeck’s seminal post describes how, despite the same name, Rails’ concept of MVC differs radically from MVC systems like SproutCore, Ember.js, and Cocoa.

Ember Skeleton
Boilerplate for starting a new Ember.js project, using Rake::Pipeline to assemble and serve your files.

Beginning Ember.js on Rails
Dan Gebhart’s three-part tutorial, which eases you gently into using Ember.js with a Rails backend. Resources are loaded with Ember REST, and assets are managed with Rails’ asset pipeline.

Using SproutCore 2.0 with jQuery UI
Yehuda’s article on using jQuery UI with what was then SproutCore 2.0. Note that, if following along with the code samples, there are a few changes that you will need to make that are pointed out in the comments at the bottom. While useful specifically for people wanting to use jQuery UI, the article is more broadly useful as it serves as a template for anyone who wants to write a bridge between Ember.js and non-bindings-aware JavaScript libraries.

More soonโ€ฆ