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Our Approach to Routing in Ember.js

The URL is an important strength that the web has over native apps. In web apps, the URL goes beyond just being a static reference to the location of a document on a server. The best way to think of it is as the serialization of the application’s current state. As the user interacts with […]

Best Practices Exist for a Reason

If you’ve ever used node.js, you’ve probably also used Isaac Schlueter’s npm, the node package manager. By maintaining a central repository to which authors can quickly publish their JavaScript modules, npm has made it easy to get started building node apps and its popularity has exploded over the past year. Unfortunately, two months ago, the […]

Ember.js Resources

I come across a lot of really interesting links related to Ember.js, but often don’t have anywhere useful to put them, or don’t really know how to describe the thread that holds them all together. So here is my linkdump post, which I will update as I remember things, that contains useful stuff for Ember […]

Dizzying But Invisible Depth

Jean-Baptiste Queru’s remarkable piece on the sheer amount of abstraction mankind has built to be able to load the Google homepage: For non-technologists, this is all a black box. That is a great success of technology: all those layers of complexity are entirely hidden and people can use them without even knowing that they exist […]

AMD is Not the Answer

Every so often, we get requests to make Ember.js support AMD (asynchronous module definition). Until today, I had yet to hear anyone articulate why the advantages outweighed the (in my opinion) many disadvantages. Then, James Burke wrote an article called Simplicity and JavaScript modules that has so far done the best job outlining why AMD is […]

Tilde’s Pairing Setup

Yehuda Katz and I spend the majority of our time pair programming on client projects and on our open source projects like Ember.js. As in any profession, it’s important to be “foaming at the mouth crazy” about your tools. Since Tilde moved into our new offices, we’ve finally put together what I think is our dream […]

An Uphill Battle

Where is the web’s Loren Brichter?1 Why does it take big teams, big budgets, and long timelines to deliver web apps that have functionality and UI that approaches that of an iPhone app put together by one or two people? If you’re a developer who is obsessive about building a quality user experience, you are most likely […]

Imagine a Beowulf Cluster of JavaScript Frameworks

Thomas Fuchs recently wrote about the advantages of using JavaScript micro-frameworks: I for one welcome our new micro-framework overlords—small frameworks and libraries that do one thing only, not trying to solve each and every problem, just using pure JavaScript to do it. Easy to mix and match, and to customize to your needs. He also […]

The Future of the View Layer

The views expressed below are my own and not those of the SproutCore core team. Recently, Yehuda Katz and I have been making some changes to the SproutCore view layer. We’ve pulled out basic functionality into a new class called SC.CoreView, and broken the old SC.View (a behemoth) into several files based on what features […]