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I’m a Senior Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn. I’m probably best known for helping create Ember.js, the JavaScript framework for building ambitious web apps, or possibly for making bad dad jokes on Twitter.

I believe in the web as the ultimate platform for building and distributing applications. On the web, apps load instantly and can perform indistinguishably from native apps. Best of all, they are free from the control of any one company.

My enemy is proprietary app stores. If you see a prompt to install an app, they already blew it.

Prior to LinkedIn:

  1. I co-founded Tilde where I helped build Skylight.
  2. Worked at Strobe (since sold to Facebook).
  3. Worked at Apple, where I worked on SproutCore and the web version of iCloud (née MobileMe).

I live in Manhattan with my wife, Zahra Jabini.

Tom and Zahra


I would love to speak at your conference, if my schedule allows! Please email me at tom@tomdale.net

Most recently I spoke at DinosaurJS about how desktop-era frameworks can make the jump to the mobile future.

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